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The future of SEPA post-Brexit
Where Does SEPA Stand After Britain’s Vote to Brexit?

Back in March, we wrote about some of the potential consequences for payment processing and financial services if Britain were to vote to leave the EU in the June referendum. Now that we know how the country voted – if not necessarily what will happen next in terms of parliament actually implementing the decision – […]

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Preparing for Payments in 2016

As we come to the end of a big year in payments, London & Zurich take a brief look back at what was new in 2015, and what is coming in 2016. What was Big in 2015? You can’t look back at 2015 without considering the importance of contactless and mobile payments. Five years ago, […]

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6 Ways to Reduce Office Stress

As much as we like to think ourselves as office superheroes, we all suffer from stress occasionally and none of us can work to our full potential when stress has taken a hold. Luckily, there are ways of reducing stress and returning ourselves to our best. Be Early It’s always hard to turn up to […]

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Top 6 Skills Every Employee Should Have

While it would be a naive individual who suggests that employers across all sectors can follow a consistent model of what they require from an employee, there are some basic skills that employees should consider fundamental. Whilst some of the 6 skills listed may seem simplistic, employees should recognise their responsibility in ensuring they confidently […]

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4 Golden Email Rules for Professionals

Throughout the course of a day, we as professionals read hundreds of emails, whether a quick skim of marketing document or a detailed report that requires your attention. As part of our daily routine, emails have the power to make us sit up in concern or brighten our mood for the rest of our day, […]

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