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If This Then That Recipes for SMEs
18 Great IFTTT (If This Then That) Recipes for Productivity

Working smarter isn’t just about working harder and being more focused on the tasks that demand the most attention, skill and expertise. The menial day-to-day tasks are just as necessary, but don’t always feel like the best use of your time, which flies in the face of working smart – especially in this digital age! IFTTT – […]

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Workers Want Investment in Mobile Tech to Boost Productivity

Research conducted by Source for Consulting has revealed that 62% of British employees at mid-sized businesses are keen for their employer to invest more heavily in mobile technology and back-office systems to support a more mobile style of working. These investments, respondents believed, would significantly improve their productivity both in the office and on the […]

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How to Identify Value and Boost Productivity

In the professional world, we are all guilty of craving an enhanced rate of productivity, unfortunately for many, hitting those uncharted rates of productivity is a goal that remains painfully elusive. The problem, it would seem is not an inability to work at any pace or multitask, but instead a tendency to work on the […]

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Research Shows Plants Boost Office Productivity

A recent study has revealed that office plants could boost workplace productivity by as much as 15%. Researchers from the University of Cardiff’s School of Psychology, alongside researchers from two Australian universities and a Dutch university, conducted a rigorous study into the effect of different surroundings on productivity at work. A productive pattern Despite the […]

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7 Free Productivity-Boosting iPad Apps

If your business loves the latest tech, these seven iPad apps will help you and your team to become more productive than ever before. Fingers at the ready! 1. Citrix GoToMyPC Cost: Free For businesses on the move, this app will give you instant access to your desktop wherever you go, allowing you to control […]

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