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We believe in improving our clients’ and their networks’ cash flow by using our 15 years of experience in the Direct Debit industry and our cloud-based customer management portal. Contact our customer service team today to find out more about our Direct Debit and Payment Gateway services.

Steve Guscott – EZFacility UK
“With more and more of our customers keen to move away from the outdated AUDDIS and BACS file process for taking a monthly direct debit, we were keen to find a solution that could be integrated into our membership management system, allowing customers to take recurring payments for their members’ fees. We chose to work with London & Zurich and we now offer an all-in-one package that saves our customers time and money, with seamless processing of direct debit payments, cutting down on needless admin time and missed payments.”

Jason Harris – Freedom Search
“As our business grew, we found that waiting for customers to pay us by cheque or bank transfer was becoming a nightmare. We spent so much time chasing invoices that we decided we had to do something about it before it took over any more of our time. We chose to collect direct debits through London & Zurich and I haven’t looked back. I’m now waiting for London & Zurich to release their improved Card Payment module so that we can give customers the option of paying by card as well. All customers currently pay by direct debit, it’s easy and convenient because we’ve slashed credit control time and can concentrate on what we do best, providing expert advice on Internet Marketing.” CONTACT US

Cloud Payment Solutions for Partners

Benefits of our partner programme

Growth of Customer Loyalty

Some BACS users have reported a doubling of customer loyalty when using this service. By referring your clients to London & Zurich, you can directly benefit from this customer loyalty.

Valuable Marketing Tool

We offer a fully integrated solution to a number of clients and referrers. This can be a valuable marketing opportunity for your existing and prospective clients.

Referral Commission

As an approved member of our partner programme, we will pay commission on all referrals which lead to a successful client sign-up with a London & Zurich service.

Partner Referral Process

Introduction from Agent

Contact referral and explanation of Direct Debit and application process

Application completed by referral and risk management team consider application

Referral sent quotation and confirms they want to proceed

Agreement sent to referral, received and invoice sent

Commission due on successful sign-up of referral