Safe & Secure Payment Collection

The security advantages of direct debit is one of the main reasons our clients opt to invest in our system. As a method of payment, direct debit is cheaper to process than a cheque and safer than cash. We have a number of rigorous security processes in place to ensure your collections are always secure. To give peace of mind that your collections are protected, we carry out a number of risk management checks to ensure any unusual transactions, which don’t fit a client’s usual billing pattern, are picked up and questioned. These are verified during the collection process to protect against indemnity claims and mistakes.

Peace of Mind With Added Security

Customers feel more secure with companies who use direct debit, as they know their payments are being made safely. Our focus on security means you can be confident your business is in safe hands with London & Zurich. You will also receive a detailed report containing the total number and value of all direct debits which have been processed, giving you full visibility of any rejected records. Our cloud-based system is one of the most secure ways to collect incoming payments from your customers. If you are looking for a safe, secure and reliable way to process payments, and would like more information about why you should choose London & Zurich, please contact us today via our quick contact form.CONTACT US


from £ 29.99 PER MONTH
Brand facility ideal for start-ups and SME’s Variable/fixed direct debit values Bacs approved correspondence supplied Faster payments as standard 2 collections per month (more available on request) No collection value caps Online training included Access to management software Indemnity claim management available Bespoke reporting available 9-5 dedicated customer support
Ideal for clients with their own SUN (SUN is required) Daily unlimited Collections Low transaction rates Instant transfer of funds Amounts paid straight to your account Access to management software (managed service only) Access to Bacs reporting 9-5 dedicated customer support


We understand that collecting card payments can be confusing and you may need some assistance in making the right decision for your business. We would be more than happy to visit you to discuss your needs in more detail. To arrange a visit, please complete the form and we will contact you.

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