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Be in Control With LandZ Direct Debit Bureau
By using our simple online systems you do not need to make a capital investment in software or pay for upgrades and training. London & Zurich’s secure web-based solution submits your file to BACS to debit your customer’s account on the requested date. The funds collected are paid directly into your nominated bank account. After a short reconciliation phase, the London & Zurich system will tell you what collections have failed and why the failure has happened. This allows you to initiate your credit control processes without delay.

A Direct Debit Bureau You Can Trust

Even if you have your own direct debit software, our web-based systems can provide you with a disaster recovery solution that allows you to continue to collect funds if you’re unable to process files. Avoid cash flow grinding to a halt and having to deal with unhappy customers and disgruntled staff with London & Zurich’s convenient standby service. Should your building or hardware be compromised, or your BACS Smartcard lost or locked, then our file transfer service (which keeps an off-site back up of customer data) will offer you business continuity and the greatest peace of mind.GUIDESAPPLY TODAY

Our Process

Enter customer details on London & Zurich’s system

Enter amount due on customer profile within online system

London & Zurich submit direct debit data file to BACS

Bacs debits the customer account and credits your account

London & Zurich reconcile account and check for failures

London & Zurich pay funds to you, report made available online


from £ 29.50 PER MONTH
Ideal for start-ups and SME’s Standard SUN Sponsorship Access to management software Online Training Variable/fixed Direct Debit values 2 collections per month No collection value caps Welcome letters
from £ 89.50 PER MONTH
All standard package features, plus below Branded SUN (collections in your name) Bespoke reporting available Specified Collection Dates Indemnity Claim Management available
Ideal for clients with their own SUN (SUN is required) Daily unlimited Collections Low transaction rates Faster settlement of funds Amounts paid straight to your account Access to management software (managed service only) Access to Bacs reporting


We understand that collecting card payments can be confusing and you may need some assistance in making the right decision for your business. We would be more than happy to visit you to discuss your needs in more detail and help you understand why we’re the direct debit bureau you can trust. To arrange a visit, please complete the form and we will contact you.

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