Direct Debit Services & Management

Direct Debit Services

At London & Zurich, we have designed our services to take the hassle out of direct debit management. Our system is set up to make it easy to manage payments from your customers, and is a secure, easy and reliable way to receive payments. Our direct debit services, like collection and processing, can also reduce the amount of administration you have to do – saving your company time and money.

What are the key features of our Direct Debit service?

  • Full online management of accounts and reporting, with no inconvenient paperwork and the peace of mind that everything is safe and secure. You can manage your services from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Management reporting, which provides you with visibility of collections and gives you better visibility of your cash flow. We will also provide you with reports providing customer details and direct debit details. Know with certainty how much cash is flowing into your business and receive regular payments.
  • Make collections under the London & Zurich name or using your own Service User Number (SUN) to make them under your own name.
  • An expert and friendly team, who are always on hand to answer any queries or give advice and support.
London & Zurich are a well-established company and one of the leading direct debit bureaus, catering for small businesses, SMEs and larger organisations from a variety of sectors. Direct debit could make a big difference to your business, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to take the first step towards switching to our online direct debit system.CONTACT US TODAY
Time Saving Direct Debit Services
Hassle Free Payment Management

Direct Debit Management

As a BACS-approved bureau, London & Zurich can make direct debit collections using your own Service User Number (SUN). London & Zurich are also able to represent businesses as part of the BACS Affiliate Programme, taking views and suggestions directly to the BACS board and influencing new developments in service.

Benefitting from the variety of direct debit management options, businesses can choose to use our secure, cloud-based eBacs suite for one-off, recurring or variable direct debits, or our web API to integrate with their accounts or management packages. Using our direct debit bureau service, businesses can ensure that their direct debit processing runs smoothly at all times, without expensive, complicated Bacstel-IP software, dedicated staff or smartcards, which can be easily lost or damaged. For businesses already using their own Bacstel-IP software, London & Zurich can provide a standby service to satisfy disaster recovery provision, avoiding panic over breaks in cash flow for any length or type of disruption.

To discuss how London & Zurich’s direct debit bureau solutions could benefit your business, contact one of our team.

Payment Gateway Provider

As an independent Payment Gateway provider, London & Zurich strive to offer the best possible service, tariff and additional services for our merchants. One of the services we offer is a secure Payment Gateway platform, allowing merchants to process credit or debit card payments online 24/7. An online Payment Gateway is the mechanism that sits between your consumer and you as the merchant. It will either authorise or decline a payment based on the same principles as chip and pin – including, checking whether there are sufficient funds available and whether there has recently been any fraudulent activity on the account.

To check these details, the Payment Gateway liaises with Card Schemes and Issuing Banks within thousandths of a second to provide a relevant transaction response. Whether the payment is authorised or declined, the merchant and consumer will receive a real-time response to inform them. In the case of the payment being authorised, the funds are reserved from the consumer’s account immediately and both parties receive an authorisation code. At the end of the day, a settlement file is sent to the Merchant Acquirer, ready for the monetary transfer to be completed. Our Payment Gateway operates on specialist technology, proven over the last 10 years, and is completely secure, adhering to Level 1 PCI:DSS compliance. We offer three types of merchant accounts – ecommerce, MOTO (mail order telephone order) and PDQ (chip and pin). All offer the same high speed and reliability.

If you need to set up regular collections from your customers, London & Zurich are an established direct debit bureau, providing a one-stop solution for all your payment needs. If you already hold a merchant account with another company, why not ask us to beat your current deal? A quotation is absolutely free and we could drastically reduce your transaction charges. Call us today to find out more or use our online merchant enquiry form.

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