Direct Debit Collection & Processing

Direct Debit Collections

Using direct debit to collect payments makes plain business sense for companies of all sizes. Reducing the monthly administration involved in collecting regular payments can be an important time-saving investment. At London & Zurich, direct debit collections couldn’t be easier. Our straightforward system provides our customers with a simple, secure and cost-effective way to set up direct debits. Our customers can benefit from our direct debit payment solutions, whether their payments are for varying amounts or a regular monthly sum. Our customers are granted online access to all the information they need to manage the direct debt process effectively. We are also very proud of the customer service we provide here at London & Zurich. We’re confident that the service we provide to all of our customers goes far beyond what you would expect from the average payment collection company. We provide extra touches, such as welcome letters to all your new customers, helping you to ensure that you are reliable and compliant at all times.

Direct Debit Processing

At London & Zurich, we have worked hard to ensure our direct debit processing system is simple and straightforward for all our customers, whether they are setting up a new direct debit or managing existing accounts. Using direct debit collection and processing can help businesses control and improve their cash flow, ensuring their finances run smoothly. CONTACT US
Collecting Direct Debit Faster

Collect your customers’ details

Once you have collected your customers’ details, either over the phone or using an online form, we will create a direct debit mandate form to be approved by BACS.

Add customer to the London & Zurich suite

Details are stored securely within the suite, and can be added in bulk for multiple new customers. London & Zurich will then send an AUDDIS file to the bank, as well as BACS welcome letters and a file confirming new set-ups to your customer. The direct debit instruction will be ready to use within 10 working days.

Set up the collection amount

You can collect direct debits using CAs (Continuous Authorities), CBTs (Customer Billing Templates) or a bespoke file.

Customer debited on collection date

Check the suite after the direct debit collection date and before your account is credited for failed and reversed collections.

Funds transferred to your account

We will provide you with a report stating the scheduled value as well as any failed collections and net funds. Failed direct debit collections can either be re-processed if agreed with the customer, or can be collected via the CA method. Our direct debit collection service can make it much easier and more efficient to collect payments from your clients. Get in touch today to learn more about how London & Zurich’s direct debit services could help your business.

How Does it Work?

When your business decides to use London & Zurich’s direct debit collection facility, the process will be extremely simple, with very little admin on your part. Following collection of your customers’ details, we will create a mandate form to be approved by BACS. We will then add your customer to the London & Zurich site ready to begin the collection process. Following this, you will be able to set up the collection amount that you require, ready to be debited on the specified collection date, and funds will be transferred to your account. This method offers the most efficient way of ensuring the regular payments you need to collect from your customers are collected without fault. We have been trading for over 15 years, and as an established direct debit collection facility, have the experience to help you make direct debit collection and processing an effective part of your business. Our friendly team of experts are always on hand for any queries or advice you might need. So if you would like to make the first step towards introducing direct debit to your business, get in touch with London & Zurich today. APPLYGUIDES


from £ 29.50 PER MONTH
Ideal for start-ups and SME’s Standard SUN Sponsorship Access to management software Online Training Variable/fixed Direct Debit values 2 collections per month No collection value caps Welcome letters
from £ 89.50 PER MONTH
All standard package features, plus below Branded SUN (collections in your name) Bespoke reporting available Specified Collection Dates Indemnity Claim Management available
Ideal for clients with their own SUN (SUN is required) Daily unlimited Collections Low transaction rates Faster settlement of funds Amounts paid straight to your account Access to management software (managed service only) Access to Bacs reporting


We understand that collecting card payments can be confusing and you may need some assistance in making the right decision for your business. We would be more than happy to visit you to discuss your needs in more detail. To arrange a visit, please complete the form and we will contact you.

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