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StrategiQ Marketing

Direct Debit solution for marketing agency ensures greater efficiency.


StrategiQ Marketing, a full service marketing agency based in the East of England, has deployed secure Direct Debit collection facilities from London & Zurich since 2015.

In the year that StrategiQ Marketing has used London & Zurich automated direct debit collection, the company has been able to make large strides in efficiency. “Since signing up to London and Zurich’s Direct Debit collection facility, I have been able to spend more time on the running of the business,” says Sarah Smith, Director. “It has had a huge impact how I can now manage cash flow within the business and has meant I have had to spend less time chasing invoices. Our clients have also found it a more convenient and hassle free way of paying.

“Prior to using London & Zurich’s Direct Debit Bureau facility, we had contended with missed and late payments from our clients, which required a large portion of management time to resolve. We needed a system that was straightforward, and removed the concern of debt recovery from our management, as well as branded collection, to avoid any confusion with our clients.”

London & Zurich were immediately helpful and on hand to support us as required

“They listened to our needs and identified the best solution for us. Implementing the solution was an easy process, guided by London & Zurich’s excellent in house support team, who provided a full training session on setup, introducing us to the customer portal and preparing us to take payments. Within a couple of hours, we were up and running and ready to go, but London & Zurich remained on hand to answer any questions that we might have, when we were getting used to the system and setting it up for our clients. Our clients have also found it a more convenient and hassle free way of paying.”

The change in our business has been notable since the introduction of London & Zurich’s direct debit, allowing us a far greater handle on cash flow, and reducing our reliance on paper.

“The peace of mind that regular payments are being made with minimal input on my part, and the time saved as a result have proven invaluable in moving the business forward.”

London & Zurich’s Direct Debit Bureau offers businesses such as StrategiQ Marketing a secure, cost-effective and quick means of payment collection and processing, allowing for predictable, managed cash flow. Generally, most bureaus will use paper forms, but London & Zurich offer an online platform, as well as phone service, which provides forward-thinking companies with a greater day-to-day control over their cash flow management.

London & Zurich’s Direct Debit Bureau ensures that StrategiQ Marketing are able to effectively scale their business as they grow, expanding the bureau service to meet the needs of a growing client base, with ever more demanding needs and as a result, increased payment needs.

“We know that we can always depend upon London & Zurich to ensure that the Direct Debit platform accommodates our ever increasing demand. As an ambitious company, our close relationship with London & Zurich has been an important catalyst to the way in which we have developed, and will continue to be an important partner as the company continues its growth.”

To discuss London & Zurich’s Direct Debit Bureau service, get in touch with the London & Zurich team today. You can contact London & Zurich on 0121 418 5374 or you can email on

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