6 Ways to Reduce Office Stress

As much as we like to think ourselves as office superheroes, we all suffer from stress occasionally and none of us can work to our full potential when stress has taken a hold. Luckily, there are ways of reducing stress and returning ourselves to our best.

Be Early


It’s always hard to turn up to work and immediately apply yourself to the work you have to complete, so allow yourself a little bit of extra time at the start of the day to settle yourself in and prepare.

Write Everything Down


No one can be expected to remember absolutely everything, so write everything that you might need down somewhere accessible. You’ll be giving your memory a break and allowing yourself to have all the information you need to hand at all times.

Focus on the Solution

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So many people get bogged down with problems because they fail to think about the solution and instead dwell on the problem itself, even if the problem is a relatively small issue. Reduce your stress by taking the time to think about the solution. Problems can wait.

Keep Your Workspace Simple


Don’t fill your desk with unnecessary trinkets. Only have what helps you surrounding your workspace, otherwise your brain has too much to focus on and cannot process the job at hand. A tidy workspace is a stress-free workspace.

Ask for Help


Try as you might, you can’t do it all yourself, that’s what your colleagues are there for. Use their experience and their knowledge and if you need help, ask for it.

Focus on the Now

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What happened yesterday has happened, its in the past and is no longer of importance, the future is equally irrelevant as it is dependent upon the here and now. Your brain is unable to process all of these possibilities at once, so stress is sure to follow. Think only of what is important now.

Do you suffer from office stress? What tips do you have for reducing office stress? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.