Direct Debit for Small Business eBook
‘Direct Debit for Small Businesses’ eBook launch
Here at London & Zurich, we’re only too happy to spend time with our clients to help them further their understanding of Direct Debit and Card Payment Gateways, and how either or both can really benefit their businesses. Over the last year or so, we’ve created a series of guides covering the more frequently asked […]
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Business payment strategy
Does Your Business Have a Payment Strategy?
How many different payment methods do you offer to your customers? How accurately can you forecast what your cashflow will be in any given month? What do payments that don’t come in on time cost you, in terms of both credit control activity and possible funding arrangements to plug the gap? If you have a […]
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SEPA Instant Credit Transfer
SEPA Instant Credit Transfer Scheme – What You Need To Know
Starting in November 2017, the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Instant Credit Transfer scheme – SCT Inst – will allow businesses and consumers to make instant transactions of up to 15,000 euros in real time to any bank account within the EU. Transactions are guaranteed to be completed within ten seconds. The scheme came about […]
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Our new office in Solihull
Welcome to Our New HQ in Solihull
It gives me great pleasure to officially announce our move to new offices in Solihull. We’ve been in for a few months now, so the unpacking’s done and it’s starting to feel like home – although we’re still shifting furniture about to find the ultimate feng shui! The relocation is part of our natural progression […]
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Payment Gateways for ecommerce
Why a Payment Gateway is Essential for Your Online Business
If you’re in the process of setting up an online business, you will have a host of things to take into consideration when writing your business plan. In addition to sorting out your business name and structure, suppliers and distribution, funding and financial forecasts, you also need to put in place the way in which […]
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