NPS Results
London & Zurich 2017 NPS Improves – Far Above Industry Benchmark!
One of the elements we pride ourselves on at London & Zurich is our customer satisfaction. Because of the large role that Direct Debit plays in a business we have to take it seriously as it’s our client’s cashflow we’re dealing with. As such we ensure we stay close to those using our platform daily […]
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What is the cost of late payments to your business?
There are a number of metrics that small and medium-sized companies use to measure the success and financial wellbeing of the business: sales revenue, net profit margin, sales growth, and so on. But there is one financial aspect of doing business that can literally make or break a company, and it’s one that smaller businesses […]
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Direct Debit Switch Service Nears 4m Users
BACS have recently released figures showcasing another significant milestone is about to be passed for Direct Debit; the 4,000,000 mark for users of the current account switch service: Almost 4 million switches since launch of Current Account Switch Service Seven day switching success rate of 99.5% 23 million payments successfully redirected using the Current Account […]
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We’re Proud to Announce the Launch of SalonPay
Here at London & Zurich we are pleased to announce the launch of SalonPay, a secure and convenient new way for salons to fulfil what is surely one of the most important parts of their business – collecting and receiving payments from their customers. Safe, reliable and secure payment processing is a must for businesses […]
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The Benefits of Using Ad Hoc Direct Debit
When people imagine direct debit, they often think recurring payments, they think signing of DDI (direct debit instruction) and then associate this most with paying utilities, phone bills, gas, electric etc. Businesses are increasingly discovering the value behind direct debit to manage their recurring payments and get a greater handle on their cash-flow. What people […]
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