Direct Debit Switch Service Nears 4m Users
BACS have recently released figures showcasing another significant milestone is about to be passed for Direct Debit; the 4,000,000 mark for users of the current account switch service: Almost 4 million switches since launch of Current Account Switch Service Seven day switching success rate of 99.5% 23 million payments successfully redirected using the Current Account […]
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Bacs Direct Debit consultation
How Can Direct Debit Be Improved?
Direct Debit remains one of the UK’s most popular payment methods, used by over 90% of personal current account holders, and by around 40,000 organisations. In the decades since it was first introduced, Direct Debit has proved to be a simple, transparent and straightforward payment method for businesses and customers alike. But in the face […]
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Pay your road tax by direct debit
Has Road Tax Moving to Direct Debit Given Consumer Confidence a Boost?
Could the move towards Direct Debit as a primary payment method for road tax provide a major boost to consumer confidence? While Direct Debit is nothing new – indeed, the earliest form of an automatic debit transfer system dates back to the 1960s – the popularity of it as a payment method continues to grow […]
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Make the Most of Faster Payments Today
Who wouldn’t like to halve the time it takes to receive funds and improve cash flow? London & Zurich’s new Faster Payments module does just this.
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Direct debit for small medium businesses
Do Small/Medium Businesses Need to Be Ready for a Future of Uncertainty?
There’s a common saying – apocryphally purported to be an ancient Chinese curse – “May you live in interesting times”. Well, it’s probably fair to say that citizens and business owners in the UK are certainly in the middle of some “interesting times” right now. With the country having spent the previous few years dealing […]
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