Direct Debit Collections & Processing

London & Zurich are Direct Debit providers who specialise in the provision of Direct Debit collection facilities to a variety of companies across a range of sectors, ranging from small businesses to large blue chip organisations.

Helping you improve your cash flow

Our online Direct Debit systems are designed to make it easier, more efficient and more secure for companies to collect payments from their customers.

Offering you a cost-effective solution

Direct Debit is the most secure and cost-effective way to collect payments. It’s used across a variety of industries by companies who are looking for a quick and safe way to process funds.

be confident your business is secure

Fully secure and cloud-based, our system will enable you to make Direct Debit collections without the administration, paperwork and personnel costs associated with cash or cheque payments.

How it works

Direct Debit is the most efficient way for any business to collect money. Direct Debit can be more cost-effective and faster than cheque or card payments. At London & Zurich, we are Direct Debit providers who aim to provide accessible methods of payment collection for all types of businesses. We have designed our solutions to suit small and large clients alike, and have developed our expertise and reputation for providing a quality service for over 15 years.
  • Secure payments
  • Always available
  • Clear responses
  • Hassle-free collections
  • Clarity & control
  • Full online management
  • Reporting facilities
  • Fast payment



Connect your website to London & Zurich by integrating with our secure and easy to use API libraries.


We make bulk payments into your bank account, reducing the bank charges you may have to pay.


Our system is completely paperless and completely secure; meaning less administration for your team.


We can sponsor you with a branded SUN meaning that your customers see your company name on the collection.


You will have access to new and existing clients, payments which are due, collected, paid and failed, giving you greater visibility.


You can access our online Direct Debit system from anywhere with an internet connection, giving you greater flexibility to manage your account as and when you need to.

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At London & Zurich, direct debit collections couldn’t be easier. Using direct debit to collect payments makes plain business sense for companies of all sizes. Reducing the monthly administration involved in collecting regular payments can be an important time-saving investment.

Our straightforward system provides our customers with a simple, secure and cost-effective way to set up direct debits. Our customers can benefit from our direct debit payment solutions, whether their payments are for varying amounts or a regular monthly sum. Our customers are granted online access to all the information they need to manage the direct debt process effectively. We’re confident that the service we provide to all of our customers goes far beyond what you would expect from the average payment collection company; we provide extra touches, such as welcome letters to all your new customers, helping you to ensure that you are reliable and compliant at all times.

At London & Zurich, we have worked hard to ensure our direct debit processing system is simple and straightforward for all our customers, whether they are setting up a new direct debit or managing existing accounts. Using direct debit collection and processing can help businesses control and improve their cash flow, ensuring their finances run smoothly.